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Hey again everybody.(: I want to code some more web games in Javascript. But I don't really have ideas for a game. It shouldn't be too big. If you got an Idea for a web game, then comment your idea below!!!(: Best wishes, Tim G.

5/8/2017 5:20:00 PM


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How about a game like Fruit Ninja.... Have you ever played it? It's available on the play store!


Maybe a remake of famouse arcade games like your Tetris? A new version of classic snake 2D? A race game "Old Style"? There are many arcade titles, maybe this can be helpful: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_arcade_video_games?wprov=sfla1 I like your codes and i will wait for your next projects. Post Scriptum - I'm going to decline your challenge in PHP, i don't know anything about server- side languages. =^=


Pacman can be done easily. Make a two dimensional array.Like a Grid. Let's say you are going left(also compatible with ghost) new Vector2( -1, 0 ); ( Vector2 to is a constructer with just the properties "x" and "y" ) Now you add the velocity to your position, check if it is still inside the gameArea, and then access the grid and look if there is a wall/enemy or not. If there is a wall then you set velocity to 0,0, if there is an enemy then you call your gameOver or setDamage method. And if there is no collision then you walk. I used the same technique for my tetris collision detection.


Frogger comes to mind as well


I hope this helps you https://code.sololearn.com/Wh0OHON2kKP1/?ref=app


Side scroller, platform jumper. Something like that.


I want to do some basic dungeon crawler myself, mimicking Pac man in a sense, but the ghost sprites bring random battles. Can't really wrap my head around object collision though yet... have some studying to do yet


Thanks. I will read up. EDIT. Thanks a lot. Figured out some stuff from that.


https://code.sololearn.com/WSS0cLRpeF7X <--- here's what I've got so far from that. Thanks for the help. Got some bugs to work out, can't seem to get the walker to work on mobile


@Russel, I can't test it :/ It says Unexpected Identifier. Line 375.


https://code.sololearn.com/WjN7THRA49jt/?ref=app more recent update, works on Pc, up down left right are the numbers 8, 2, 4, 6 EDIT checked out the old one, it was missing a parentheses. thanks.


Hi, i am looking for anyone interested in participating in the development of a 2d side scrolling rpg that i am currently making. This is a nonprofit game that will be free to play for anyone. If you are interested in this opertunity then pleas reply. Qualifications and positions are: 1. Basic understanding of c# and/or JavaScript. 2. Can develop/create 2d sprite animations. 3. Storyline and character development. 4. Understanding and use of unity3d game engine.


Try making an endless runner game