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What language should I learn next I know html Javascript css php and quite a bit of python. What order should I precede to learn these languages in? What are some other sources where I can learn these languages?

4/29/2017 8:36:35 PM


6 Answers

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If you want to do web developing. Try searching "free code camp" on google. Cheers


For courses on Sololearn. I recommend phython. It is a flexable language with a lot of uses.


1.html 2.css 3.javascript 4.jquery 5.php and sql If you want to be web developer, like me xD


if you know PHP, dive a bit deeper. you don't need to learn much more apart from PHP in order to be successful. my personal pic, if you can learn Flash, you can end up making games for facebook users. PHP is very important in that


A good idea is to learn c++