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Challenge loss horror story thread

Let's hear it....minimum xp loss 25 xp please. Your hand slipped, you dropped your phone, you were in line to checkout and someone bumped you....suddenly boom -30 xp....we're here for you! and by the way congrats to the victors of these challenges! I don't have any good stories yet, but I do know the feeling of dropping 60xp in a few minutes.....

4/26/2017 12:43:01 PM


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That should have hurt. I lost 200+ XP one day due to network errors. Anyways, good luck for your future challenges.


Ik that feel. Losing what you get in 30 challenges in one go :|




loss is suck hope for better luck in the future Challenge


Feel you bro


same is the story with me because of which I am stuck at the beginning of Lvl12


I was eating and I didn't know questions had a timeout. I got so stressed, I couldn't find the minus sign on my phone. I made a draw, the most traumatic experience so far, I'm never playing challenges again :D


This discussion alone has confirmed that I am not going to try challenges out, haha.