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Spammed discussion forum, why there is no content filters ?

Anyone can flood the Q&A DISCUSSION with this flaw by a bunch of dots and whitespaces making the recent question sorting option unusable. If someone reverse engineer the app to know api to post Questions, he can spam all the forum with a little script. Why not filter and restricts the spammed questions ? Some suggestions for next update-- 1. Content filter or approval system to publish questions. 2. Ability to reply to comments of Questions. @here is screenshot

4/23/2017 7:49:49 AM


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Rights to make a post should be based on XP. Lower XP should require an approval before being published.


@Cyrus, this is not disabling right. They can make a post but moderators need to approve it before being published. This is simple. The restriction will be lifted at a certain number of XP.


Yes, Moderators are discussing and finding ways to make SoloLearn efficient. Have faith on them. One day SoloLearn will be spam free. But restriction powers are not given to moderators. We are asking administrators to increase powers of moderators. Though I am not a Moderator but I want a clean environment. So I am helping the moderators. 😊


Why did you used words related to production?? We are here to learn programming not reproduction!!! And Yes, I agree they should make a filtering system. But they are improving very fast. So just have patience.


@Wisdom we have already discussed on this solution. but it will cause more problem. People with lower XP needs to know more. Can not disable their rights. 🙂


@cyrus agree with you. The moderators should dicuss and think for a efficient mechanism. The members with level 12+ or something like that should be given administrative powers to moderate the Discussion to help the process going fluently