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sometimes before I gave a post of asking the explanation about a programming question's answer & someone down voted my post 😞 but why? is it bad that I don't know programming that much & I'm a beginner 😖 I want to learn too 😫 if u know everything & laughing about my question than its ok u don't have see that u can just avoid 👍 for your down vote I'm feeling sad about my programming that makes me feel like I don't know anything 😭

4/22/2017 6:35:34 AM

Samira Mohana

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no dont feel sad bout it me too here have the same problem but its just a doesn't matter because this how humans work and only few are wise to respect but others it's just their nature let me give u an example lets say u have gone really advanced in math okay and then a person same age as u comes and asks u what's 1+1 in ur mind u would just be 'this guy is such a dunno he doesn't even know this' see we humans respond to things without any analysis like in the example I gave maybe that persin might have suffered memory loss we don't know we just call him dumb see so if people start understanding this then it would be great but that's our nature only a few humans who have higher IQ look at all possible things for a cause like for the example a person will first think why is this Person asking such a question and looks for possibilities and reply according to it those r now mature people see but don't worry don't be upset it's just a disadvantage of us humans and also if all of us become good then it would be useless on earth so to balance we must have some people are bad and some good tho no ones bad they become that way because of the environment they lived in and also their experiences. sometimes they r hurt so they now think all humans r bad so u see its just a nature of humans don't mind them I'm a beginner too maybe we could talk sometime☺


Don't hesitate to ask your questions because of downvoters. Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate even if it's a legit question 😌


You have more upvotes than downvotes on your questions. Don't care about a single downvoter. I'm glad about every single girl we have here, so pls don't give up ^^


@edward well I'm here for learning so that down vote didn't give me any fun


@Tashi yeah I'm also proud of all Bangladeshi girl in here 😍


Hey Sam, you know, "haters are gonna hate", not everybody is going to like us and that's ok. Keep studying and keep asking and answering questions as best as you can, I'm sure you are already helping more people than you think. Also, I'm really proud that you're a girl interested in programming, we aren't many! Not all girls are brave enough to be different. So keep on coding, don't let a downvote stop you from doing awesome things. You have the talent and my support 😊


there is no dumb question. only dumb people who downvote it.



@luka What about this one: Question : How to make a website? Tags: c, c++, c#, java, html, css, js, php, python, help, movie. Content: Watch this movie : https://www.movies.com/awesome-movies/some-awesome-movie-name.... #This is not a valid link.


@tejas of course 😃 and I'm also learning from losing other challenges 😃


Some suggestion about your name : How about Super Sam ? or Pretty Sam? or Sam the HTML Fighter ? or Smiling Sam ?


@cyrus @angus 😜 its just initial of my full name


@sam dont feel sad there is a much of people on sololearn to just downvote others question


sometimes questions get down votes because they're asked daily and therefore have lots of answers already. so it shows that the person who asked didn't take the time to search in Q&A before asking these questions again and again. the redundancy of questions is way too high which bothers the more experienced users.


@Sad_Sam Yah! Change your name. Sam is boy's name. I give you a good name. How about "Samira Mohana"?? 😉😊😉


Some people doesn't like girls (ex: money lover). They down vote every post they see. Avoid them and be calm. Don't be sad. Making simple questions doesn't make you dumb. Even those questions of yours will also help other beginners too. Don't give up, have faith in yourself. People have also down voted the nicest answers of mine but I don't care because my answers were marked as best answers. So think the positive and just ignore the negative thoughts.


@Tejas Nice inspiration. But you should practice to use punctuation marks on your answers. And also try to improve your grammar. Try watching English movies often. This will help you to improve your English skills.


@Tejas Yes, taking English classes will help you a lot. You will need to practice it everyday. You can also develop your English skills by reading documents and watching tutorials on programming. This will benefit you in multiple ways. I have developed my English skills through Tutorials. And now I am taking English classes on British council to make it even better. 😊


aww dont be sad_sam. is there such a thing as a dumb question anyway. only dumb if not asked


Dont bother about down votes.. Just clear your doubt about your programming problems.. Remember one thing the more you ask questions the more you will learn. In programming no question is silly question. Focus on learning and not on down votes.. once u get all your doubt clear by asking questions u will earn more votes by using the knowledge u will gather.