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Multiple nests?

for the nested if else statements, can I make nested statements within nested statements? to make page long on going program


4/16/2017 1:37:15 AM

Adam Dewitt

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Yep, you can nest if/else and other structures as much as required for what you need. Just make sure you keep track of the braces and indents well.


If you need to make nested if else statements within other nested statements, there are usually better ways to do it.


Ok, good luck :>


Yes, you can use as many nested elements you can. but if you want your program to pause after a particular output use 'delay' instead. syntax : delay(miliseconds); Eg : delay(1000); for this program will wait 1second before processing next statement.


so can I set up a section of nested statements and use delay(1000) and start with a new segment of nested statements?


I understand that, just working with what I have for fun