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What response style do sololearners prefer?

Short, but sometimes ambigius; or long, unambigius, but longer to read? My impression is the first one, though sometimes answers marked best and upvoted most may be too general and often even incorrect. I can only encourage everyone to answer carefully. Examples: Question: What is your favorite programming language? Answer: HTML Explanation: Why the hack should this answer get an upvote? Question: Are languages all quite similar? Answer: Yes, they only differ a little in syntax! Explanation: WTF!!1!

4/12/2017 8:49:42 AM


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True! I prefer (and give) long answers. Depending on the question, some of them are really nice and I like to know more about them so I prefer a well and long explanation. Other questions are better off with short and concise answers because redundancy can confuse more.


This problem gets me a bit annoyed too, but here are possible reasons: 1)People don't like reading a lot, when it is a bit dry. Just because everyone becomes bored. Unfortunately 2)Programmers love to be very strict, which in most cases mean short in expressing something P.S. I tend to write long answers like this one, and I usually get less upvotes, so I feel your pain


Answers tend to be long because examples are embedded into them. The core of an answer usually lies within one statement. This is why I am used to doing tl;dr statements at the end of each long answer to suit all styles.


small,clear and self explainatory// because on seeing a small ans u get positive vibes about it ^^ u feel it is not a tedious task^^ and hence u cud gather courage to read it..


long, clear and very detailed





short and direct. I hate seeing long tenses even while schooling let alone outside school. I only enjoy the Bible, any other long texted compilation makes it boring and challenging for me. hence love it here. the examples are easier and direct.