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Is it just me or python lang is just way easier than C lang?

I just started the third part of Python sololearn course and after hours of going deep in function and classes in C++, just the start of Python looks much more intuitive, fun and most importantly, comprehensible for beginner. Ex: In C++ for beginner, the statement "cout" to output is such a mess of non-sense since it dosent means anything by itself. A beginner that see's this will just be like, "alright, let's forget about learning code, let's get back to video games". In the other hand, in Python, the statement "print" is intuitive and comprehensible from the point of view of a beginner. It fri**ing says to put the output on the digital paper with virtual paint! BRO, how can we get something more clear. To rap this up... is it just me or it's way more easy to understand Python quick and do I just need to wait and it will get so messed up to mess with every single thing in my head? You have a great day, night, afternoon or whatever's the time at your'. From a future developer... well I hope so 🙃

8/17/2022 8:29:14 AM


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Ok, maybe my answers made u more confused, so if i recommend u some languages then u can learn C++ to make ur fundamentals really very strong and to prepare urself for competitive programming. Learn Python for doing scripting and some other things. Learn JS and Typescript for web development. And u can learn any language from C#/Java/Kotlin to create any application. I choose Kotlin mostly because it give more advantages and flexibility than any other language that i've learnt so far.


U should change it to feed posts, u can copy it from option menu(those 3 dots) given on the right side of the question. Python is definitely easier/simple than C++, but when it comes to speed, properly structured/procedural programming, and for making ur programmimg fundamentals strong, then C++ is worth learning. In C++, u'll also learn about manual memory handling with pointers, macros, header files, structures, constants, static variables and lot more that u'll not see in Python. And if u want to be a great programmer u should not have a fear of learning any language.


Yes python is easier than C but this is open-ended question and should be in Feed Posts not in QA.


U can learn anything as u plan/wish. Learning any other language will come from the answer of - which kind of app u want to create? After learning C++/C#/Java u can jump on any language u want to learn. It might be kind of hard for u to learn any other language after learning python. Im not saying that it would be bad if u'll go with python first, many r already doing that. But u know python becomes very addictive language for beginners and then they don't want to learn any language. But since python is like a scripting language, the code written in it can be unstructured most of the time(like there is no main function, u can import any library anywhere in the code and likewise), it still supports a small set of oop and functional programming, and some of the features r not available, which r quite common in other programming languages. So it really affects the style of programming and final code that u have written.


MOHAN.setStatus("inactive"); Yeah, I was at the section of pointers and dynamic memory on C++ and I didn't understood anything so I said to myself, why don't we solidify the first 4 chapter and practice for the base of C++ so I have a good base to continue my learning later... so I made pretty much every challenge that was at my level. Also, the thing is that I'm going in a course at school that only concentrate on programmation and electronic so I said to myself once again, let's learn the basic and we'll learn the harder stuff with the teacher who knows how to explain stuff better then sololearn. I'm not saying that sololearn is bad tho. So yea, I think I'm gonna continue on the basic of Python and after I'll continue with another Lang. Any suggestions for the future Lang that I should learn? Thx for your support tho. edit: is my learning strategy smart or dumb? like should I change something?


MOHAN.setStatus("inactive"); I understand... I already got the taste of C# when I first started learning coding but it wasn't as serious as now so I don't remember anything. Tho, i still consider C++ as my main Lang right now. I think I'll start learning java so I don't get addicted with Python. Since I am a beginner, should I limit myself on some Lang because I don't want to learn to much and then forget everything because I have to much in my brain...


MOHAN.setStatus("inactive"); Thx bro


Oooh so sorry A͢J, should I still change it or leave since its already here?