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Web Dev question

Hello Sololearn community hope you're enjoying learning ! :) Please i have a question actually i just finished HTML&CSS and Responsive Web Design but I find myself like I'm weak in creativity of the web page design, idk maybe I'm not still inspired or Smth like that. Aand for that, I'd like you guys to suggest me where i can find some designs and making them up by codes also if you can suggest me any other path that could be more benefit for my position I will be happy. Finally, hope you get my situation:) Thanks you in advance ^^

8/13/2022 7:41:21 PM

Abdelghani Bensalih

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CSS practice https://mastery.games/build/zelda/ https://gridcritters.com/ 179$ cost https://flexboxzombies.com/p/flexbox-zombies https://flukeout.github.io/ https://www.tynker.com/parents/ http://www.flexboxdefense.com/ http://cssgridgarden.com https://flexboxfroggy.com/


Hi! If I understand, you need some CSS practice?


Thanks Yaroslav Vernigora I didn't know learning flexbox could be so fun!


Try this site: https://frontendmentor.io


Abdo ACHHOUBI l3azz pa Abdo😍


Yaroslav Vernigora thanks you 😍


I would try some of the code challenges and make them for the CSS, html and JavaScript


Yaroslav Vernigora yeah exactly ^^