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Can anyone help me build a Esports website

Something similar to but without the web3 elements to it

8/7/2022 8:35:08 AM

Nathi Mbokazi

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For visual things (frontend), learn: Html - to make structure of page(add text, images,videos) Css - to style website Javascript - to react to user action like button click, key pressed on keyboard... As I see this site have some tourmant, probably it is opened by link or users get some ip adress to enter in game. If you plan to make something like this you also need to learn how to host game server. Also this site have login/register, for this you need backand language and database, also you need database to store tournament results... For this learn some backend language like (php, python, java, node.js) and also some database This is complex website, and is build by team of developers, if you plan to build it by yourself it will take a lot of time to learn every techology you need. You may look for tutorials on youtube for example. If you wanna build faster you may look for things like wordpress or something like it.