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Firewall development

what language can I use to build a strong fire wall

7/6/2022 6:26:46 AM

Micheal Alfred

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Why reinvent the wheel. Linux has uncomplicated firewall, an iptables front end, iptables which is amaze in my opinion but very difficult to learn well, a front end for netfilter which is a kernel packet filtering system that is extremely programmable same as iptables. Nowadays iptables is deprecated but many people still use it as do I. Windows has a firewall? Yea right not fooling me. Windows you need zonealarm, hint: dont use windows if you are a programmer or need security. You need a firewall? You dont need to create anything new except a proper ruleset for an existing firewall system. On linux a bash script is sufficient. On windoez it will reset your ruleset whenever it feels like so good luck with that. A firewall is your first line of defence and windbloes fails you. Its not your job to create the firewall its the operating systems job to have tools already available for interacting with your operating system network and kernel.


Jacob Tracey for a guy who claims not to know or do cyber sec you sure are attracted to such dumb questions on the topic. Let the guy program his own firewall then lmao


This app is cool for that.


The site is ok,bit it a paid site.


Works pretty good for free. Arent you using the app? I havent seen the web app in a long time I dont know if its as nice as the android app yet.