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Please I need help with the task given under the loops topic on web development fundamentals where you have to print ticket for adults. I can’t figure it out how to complete it

7/3/2022 10:08:38 AM


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The best way to learn coding Goddy is try on your own first. Furthermore I don‘t remeber the task. I helped in this question already few times and you can find out the solution in my answers if you like.


Goddy At all times, include in your questions (not in comments!): 1. Full description of the task 2. Link to your code in Code Playground 3. Clear explanation of your difficulties We have to know what you're trying to solve and what help you need.


What did you do till now - any attempt?


Ok thanks. I will check


JaScript nothing yet. Still unable to solve it


What did you try so far? Please show your attempt.