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Help pls

Sololearn was a good coding app until it broke for me and now i cant use it :,( It wont let me make codes longer then like 31 lines Pls help It on other peoples codes when i play them too even... Anyone know why?

6/7/2022 2:26:25 AM


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CreeperKing can you show me your code and see what you mean ? Are you explaining that your code appears to be truncating as you save it and only 31 lines of code say out of 60 are displaying in your edit section of your code currently ?


CreeperKing 👏 congrats 🎉


Thank you for letting us know CreeperKing ! The dev team is investigating the issue so hopefully we can resolve it soon.


That has been reported a few times. No solution was given. But maybe you could try reinstalling the app.


it did this


oh umm ye my device is too old to update sololearn and I tried deleting and re-installing it... none lf it worked lol


Yea sometimes happen but when you can learn with small codes 31 &41 not matter i saw some codes 100+ lines codes also available in sololearn. I think it's a bug problem. You should update or reinstall sololearn


it was just my device being an old ipad I am on a pc now