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Programming knowledge - self taught vs classroom?

Let's have a discussion on the differences,pros and cons of each of the learning paths for programmers. Also would be great to hear your story on your programming journey.

25th May 2022, 4:02 AM
Christof John Engelbrecht
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About to finish my university degree. Whatever program I know, I learned on my own. Most of my friends did. The rest suck at programming due to lack of passion. Schools aren't really there to teach you programming but to introduce you to it. They did a great job introducing me to concepts, tools and languages that I hadn't even heard of. Another thing schools can teach you is how to properly design software for efficiency and security. High quality software is difficult to produce. You can of course learn this stuff on your own. But getting help from a professional helps a lot.
25th May 2022, 6:45 AM
Mustafa A
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Looks like a great topic for your feed. This is Q/A. Lets keep this section clean for the members who have actual questions about their doubt.
25th May 2022, 8:08 PM
Chris Coder
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@ chris coder - I agree.@ Mustafa A thank you for sharing. I have never gotten any official degrees in programing but I understand the value of having a tutor showing you paths you didn't even know existed. Knowledge is power and I think in the case of programing each of these can help you become informed coder.
26th May 2022, 3:56 AM
Christof John Engelbrecht
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