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Enquiry for web technology

I am curious that what will be the fundamentals for learning web programming for HTML, CSS and Javascript? Can anyone share with me what will be the topics for an university content?

3/14/2022 1:31:57 PM


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You can look on internet and find some university or schools about web programming. Most of them have all topics/lections inside some plan, so you know what you pay for. At least schools in my country have this on its website.


Here it is - **Unit-1: Overview of the World Wide Web and the internet** - [x] A brief history of TCP/IP and the Internet - [x] Internet services-email, telnet, ftp - [x] Internet components - [x] the birth of web, web page, home page, web site - [x] Web browsers-Netscape navigator and IE - [x] Web browser helper applications - [x] Introduction to web servers and their architecture - [x] Review of some popular web servers like Apache, Nginx, Litespeed, Tomcat etc. - **Unit-2: Inside the firewall AND Linking database to the Web** - [x] Firewall - [x] proxy server - [x] overview of intranet security - [ ] web server security - [ ] username/password authentication - [ ] COM, DCOM, CORBA, JDBC, ODBC- CGI, ASP and PHP - [ ] Dynamic page creation and advantages Html CSS XML JavaScript