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Quizz time II Upvote count

Everwonder how busy Sololearn server handling user interaction everyday? Lets play ! suppose there are users posting question: 1. Hatsy Rei = 32 user answer 2. Gami = 54 user answer 3. Sir Krishna = 28 user answer 4. Dayve = 24 user answer - if all user give upvote to each other but not themselves - half of them give upvote to the poster - the poster give upvote to all user that answer the question - but none of them give upvote to other user from other thread How many upvote Sololearn Server count ?

4/6/2017 2:17:54 PM

Agus Mei

10 Answers

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5369? Edit: I'll just explain if anyone wants to know 1st & 4th condition -> 32*31+54*53+28*27+24*23 = 5162 2nd condition -> (32+54+28+24)/2 = 69 3rd condition -> (32+54+28+24) = 138 5162+138+69 = 5369


Aww I wish I could have 54 user answers a day, but I can't.. I am really busy -__-


@Sweet Emotion that is fast. how you do it ? your math and algorithm skill is good.👍


c' mon @Geoffrey, it is not that hard. You write code for that and let the computer do the job.


@Agus. Thanks mate. I did it as I have explained above. It felt easier for me to solve it mathematically than code it. Haha. :)


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I know the answer : Its a positive number that is definately higher than 1 and does not have a decimal point!


@Agus just saying, its algorithm skills, not math. I could grab a calculator for this, but the problem would be what to do next :V


@agus you just kill my brain! *salivating*


Jesus... and I am only level 1 xD