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Are programmers lazy?

programmers are usually tend to be lazy on buying groceries, etc

4/4/2017 5:00:26 AM

Harshed Abdulla

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Who are we? Programmers! What do we do? Code! When do we code? Monday! Today is Monday... Next Monday!


Very lazy... While programming == Only programming Sit on the chair and code, who goes to buy the grocery stuff 😎


Yea, they'd rather order pizza than buy groceries I reckon.


I'm not lazy because I program I program because I'm lazy programming helps me do things with less effort.


i am not lazy. i just prefer to code maybe (just maybe) i'll buy groceries next...... year.


thank u dayve


And more you are lazy, better developper you are xD best job ever!


In fact in our resume to find a job we should only write one skill: Lazy everyday 😏


ty guys!!


I cannot imagine having lot's to do and I want to code😂


That is an absolute truth buddy, no body sits with me complaining about me keeping yawning


Because in groceries there will be problem like if apple is available buy banana otherwise buy mango.(BUT PROGRAMMER WERE SAID TO BUY ALL)