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Ecma Script Related

Why Sololearn Dosnt Support EcmaScript function like addEventListner, fetchApi , XMLHTTPREQUEST Sololearn devloper and moder please add EcmaScript we need that because many features of ecma we can't use in Sololearn to make unique website Hello Public please Tag this to Sololearn Devloper And moderators And give us terminal in python program to run input with while loop infinite time

12/11/2021 1:47:25 PM


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I don't think moderators can do anything in this case As for sololearn developers/staff is concerned, then It's much better to send suggestions to team directly via [email protected] or using in-app feedback system.


TeenX unfortunately it is more likely for them to ignore a random thread in Q&A session than a mail sent to them.


Already done after you tell


Even though I am using the latest version of javascript, I still have the same problem This is related to the Java file of Soloren


What if i send massage to them they just ingone I want that every people massage on [email protected]