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Did all sololearners have blocked me?

Or, has nobody a question anymore? I did not get any new post in this section since 16 hours. And yes, I already wrote a bug report to SL. I can't ask here if anybody else have this issue. Because if they have this issue, they can not read this post πŸ€”

12/3/2021 10:16:15 AM

Coding Cat

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Looks like they fixed it because now I can see your question:) https://www.sololearn.com/post/1406784/?ref=app


It's magic. It was fixed from the moment on I ask this.


Coding Santa I had the same problem but it was resolved when I rebooted my phone


Why would we block u




Martin Taylor I will. cuz idk him XD (besides cats aren't social to strangers)


Come on guys lets do it again