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how to program a virtual assistant?

I wanna know how to make it answers questions, even if the user asked something doesn't known, the program will add the question and the answer to answer it in another time

11/29/2021 10:26:27 PM

Amyirah Rajab Alghadaywi

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Well, that's a big black hole. Creating a "virtual assistant" will require a lot of AI & Machine Learning knowledge. If you want my advice, start with a simple chatbot (check YouTube for a few tutorials) and start expanding from there. You need to give the bot an ability to browse the internet searching for a certain question and answering it (requires hard-API knowledge). Start from scratch, this is a big project. Slip it to a few smaller ones. Make sure to learn A LOT of things related to AI and Machine Learning.

+1 #you can also surf in google for more better results.