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Thoughts and feedback on SoloLearn

Hey everyone what are your thoughts on solo learn? My thoughts are that sololearn is amazing overall but the challenges and questions in the lessons are usually not challenging. Moreover there no coding challenges as in I would like to see daily coding challenges where you have to program something to fit a theme. I'd also like to see a chat system where you can talk to people. However the thing I'd most like to see is collaboration. Where two or more people can work on one project. These are my thoughts

4/2/2017 8:14:17 PM


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1.A chat system. 2.More Course (Angularjs,Nodejs,Assembly Language,and any more that are preferable). 3.Challenges on CSS. 4.Project task of the week(A project task will be given each week based on each language.) These are my thoughts.If they come,it will help a lot to increase the learning process.


you are right. the anoying pre/post imcrement with multiple remainder questions are not really preparing to developer job.


Maybe a little font changing will be helpful for the programmers to read quickly.... Using a "monospace" fonts like Courier Sans will be enough...... Plus,they need to allow us to add photo through the comments.....