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hi, What is this program and why this code does not work?

total=0 price=0 l=0 while l<3: l=l+1 x = input() z = int (x) if z <3: price=0 if z>=3: price=100 total+=price #price+=100 print(total) https://sololearn.com/coach/1039/?ref=app

10/23/2021 5:48:31 AM

Hakam ALdeen ALkhadraa

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Hi Hakam! You're supposed to take 5 inputs here. But, your code just takes first 3 inputs because of your while condition. It needs to be like this while l<5:


Python Learner thank you very much... i did not pay attention


Hakam ALdeen ALkhadraa This code is Python and it does work


Rik Wittkopp Yes, but why do not they give me correct results in testing ... I've been checking twice a correct introduction and two securities you can check when accessing the link and seeing results


Hakam ALdeen ALkhadraa The challenge is a Pro challenge so only available to Pro users. This means you must publish the challenge details here, or seek the assistance of a Solo-helper


Rik Wittkopp Thank you I hope we will arrive for this


Hakam ALdeen ALkhadraa I will try to access the challenge to look.


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