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4/2/2017 11:56:31 AM

Chirag Bhansali

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sure I have the badge, but they still haven't updated the app or site so we can actually moderate. sucks seeing outright spam and having to report it instead of removing it. can't wait for them to update it in edit: there was an update; three mod reports deletes a post. better than nothing double edit: I personally doubt the three mod report works tripple edit: full tools baby woo!


Thanks @Joe You're also a perfect mod to be!


Ayyy I've thought of having this thread long ago. Dank stuff. Have a cookie 🍪


@Davye: Added 😀


I've given up hope for having mod tools -.- Btw @Ahri U in luv?


@Caleb Jore Reply to the email (expressing your eternal gratitude) to get the badge


yes Ahri you and mods should have mod privileges so you can actually edit and delete stuff.



Oh! Finally.... Thank you all 🍪


Congratulations @Dayve.. ☃️☃️👍


Updated. Thanks Tashi😀👍


They (both the mods and SL) are doing something very right b/c this is a positive and supportive community. Users can recommend for others (even young people) to come here for an introduction to languages and programming. Thank you.


@Tashi N yes I'm in love with my senpai, he is sweet like cookies that he gives me and now I have diabetes RIP


Yay! Congo Dayve!


@Chirag There are many more!😊


Tashi N This user missing from Platenium Mods Certified Tester 🍉


@Davye: Please tell then


@Tashi.....super Mod


Actually going to mention visph and Dayve again. Super active and always helping/debugging


@Ahri Springtime's dangerous ^^