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Can I become successful in coding in mobile phone? Is it right to learn python and javascript simultaneously?

I am first year in my college ba maths.i want to become a great coder and right now I am a beginner in coding and have no programming knowledge.i have no laptop or desktop so I learning it in mobile phone so I have some difficulties while solving my coding problems so I want to discuss to my seniors in this app for my improvement and to clear my doubts and I don't know what resources should I use and choose websites from internet which will suit me.

10/16/2021 10:25:28 AM

Daina Thoudam

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Yes you can learn multiple languages simultaneously. You study multiple subjects at school all the time. Though I would not recommend Python or JavaScript for mobile application development. Java and Kotlin are the preferred languages for Android application development. Swift is the language of choice for Apple iOS mobile development. I don't even know if anyone still uses Windows phones or what they use for development. Yes there are also other ways of producing mobile apps but they are not mainstream; have limited application; or suffer from performance issues. A generic Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool may have it's uses for some applications but will never match the performance, footprint, or flexibility of using the recommended system API.


Hello,Daina Thoudam You can learn to code on mobile but the problem is that it can get too slow and hard while coding on mobile .coding on mobile slows you down. And it is impossible to learn to languages simultaneously. First go for python or java and the next you want to learn. The recommended item is a desktop or laptop cause this introduces u to the world of coding. The advantage of a desktop or laptop is that you can run your programs smoothly create your websites with no stress of coding on mobile.Coding on a desktop or laptop, helps your skills to grow faster and having fun while coding. The resources on the internet are alot. For coding challenges you can go to For learning to code. You can go to You can look for Mimo on play store or apple app store Programming Hero. Grasshoper etc


It is a brutal reality that to learn any skill you will need the right tools for the job. To become a successful mobile developer will require a PC or laptop. There are testing and debugging tools used in development that are unavailable on a phone. Your application also needs to be tested on multiple devices, or at least multiple emulated devices as a bare minimum. There is more to programming than the syntax of a language and you can only go so far using a phone as a development platform. Though it is at least a place to start if you have no other options. I would not recommend competitive coding sites as a means to learn coding either. Such sites are designed for programmers to demonstrate their knowledge of algorithms and data structures. Competitive code is the complete opposite of production quality code. That's OK so long as you understand the difference but not recommended if you don't. To learn mobile application development it is necessary to study the API you are using. Writing real world applications is very different to writing throw away competitive code. It requires knowledge of software engineering and development; code structure, testing; debugging; and project management.


i am also one of them who till this date i learn two to three languages on mobile. But if you are really passionate to learn programming languages then you can learn definitely (like me). i spend 6 months of period to learn C programming on sololearn. No one is teaching me about the languages, but ofcourse youtube videos help me a lot. As per the MATOVU CALEB said before. laptop or desktop will boost your learning and so many things allow you to do in programming. but before that still of you don't have laptop or PC, i think you should use good IDE's for programming languages. like; Dcoder, Cxxdroid (for c and cpp), Pydroid 3 (for python) etc. I don't about other languages thats why I can't tell you. NOTE (from my experience): 1. Don't learn two or more languages simultaneously. 2. focus on only one language, once you complete, then move forward. 3. Don't stuck on any problem, if you not able to solve that problem then get help from community. 4. First clear the basic concepts of languages. Happy😁Coding!.


You can get Desktop appropriate for just Programming in very cheap price.