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What are the best sources for learning programming most efficiently?

What are the best sources for learning programming? more interactively with chapter wise quizzes and stuff like that? I'm just a newbie and want to give it a shot starting with C programing (since my college wants me to finish it first. After doing some research I also think it's better to start with c. But if u have any other opinion just shoot them; I'd love to knw that) continue till I become a full fledged mobile apps developer.

8/2/2021 4:49:26 PM


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If your college wants you to finish C first, then that alone is a good enough reason to do that first. Personally, I wouldn't have picked C to start with first, in 2021, but since your school wants you to do that then do that. You're already on a pretty good website to learn it on. Based on your profile, you're only 3% into the C course so I'd finish it to 100% before moving on to your next resource to learn with. It doesn't matter which one you pick, you'll have to put a lot of effort/time into learning it and getting a better understanding of it, especially if you're just now learning how to program in general. Here is what I do: - Go through entire course even if you don't understand - Practice what you could understand/remember - Go through it again, this time write down anything you don't understand - Use your list to extensively research/practice those concepts - Repeat process over and over until you don't have to write anything down on list.


a desktop, a computer or smarty, fingers, a brain, and any source eg sololearn.




Jubaer_15-3900, if your college requires that you learn C then learn C. It is still the #1 rated language on the Tiobe Index. https://www.tiobe.com/tiobe-index/ I can see from your profile that you are from Bangladesh. I would check which compiler your college is using, if one is mandated. A number of colleges in Bangladesh and India still use the outdated Borland Turbo C compiler. This compiler is a pre ansi compiler and does not meet modern standards. Learning modern ANSI standard C may cause confusion when it does not work in an outdated compiler. It may also be worth checking if there are any relevant books in the campus library. I'm an old dinosaur myself and prefer books. I can keep a book open beside me on the desk while working, which I find easier than flicking between windows on screen. I sometimes use pdf or other ebook formats on my tablet while using the computer. Whichever way you do it writing your own notes and typing in code (rather than copying and pasting) also helps you to retain knowledge. Note. Not many mobile apps are written in C. Java and Kotlin are the preferred languages for Android. Cross platform applications based on web technologies (html, css, and js) are also popular.


The best place to learn for me it is w3schools.com. Has always worked for me


learn programming means what? You must solve any problem. Make some "project" from scratch. This is best way to learn programming. ready website, calculator, mortgage calculator, measure changer, web scraping etc


learn and practice everyday solve problems like katas you got codewars.com and many others put in practice and review what you learn, don't simply continue without it.


Sure, try CodeCademy and CodeGamer to pratice more To be honest the best resource every developer use use the most is google and youtube Note: the only difference between a senior developer and a junior/ starter developer is that they have more experience and they know how to use google more!


That's a very interesting news to me. And once again thank you everyone for all of your good advice.


You can watch YouTube tutorials or buy udemy courses of good programmers. Freecodecamp also helps programmers by scheduling bootcamps.