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I may be late to know this but I noticed just today that code repo has icons representing origami steps to build some cool animals. I was wondering if these steps truly are correct to make the animals we see, namely the crane and the rabbit. Has anyone tried to fold paper to verify? Any successfully folded sololearn cranes or rabbits?

8/2/2021 1:35:21 AM


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Yeah mate, it actually works! I have successfully folded rabbit using those steps :)


Aleksei Radchenkov wooo. That's awesome my friend. I would love to see it. Glad to hear this is legit.


Prashanth Kumar i made the rabbit just now but i had to supplement the origami plans with a youtube tutorial to be able to understand. https://youtu.be/OuQvqDeIqtg i havent tried the crane yet


ChillPill origami is really fun. i like it since my childhood days (everyone does i think 😃) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iN-HBGbqCSjk8XclTBg75YK_HjiOxkde/view?usp=drivesdk


i know to make this crane and its steps seems ok.But no idea about rabbit 🐇 wait leme send a pic making again


Jazz, it's those pro tasks in different courses. (on the right of lessons)


Eduardo Otazo again, spamming is discouraged here. Beware that you just spammed a moderator's post. Please discontinue that behavior.


Jazz Code Repos are available in HTML and HTML for Marketers courses