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How many programs we can write in sololearn?

Is there any limit of writing programs on sololearn?

6/20/2021 12:07:37 PM

Ur Well-wisher

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There is a time limit in the code playground that prevents a program from running too long on the server. This prevents resource hogging by your program. It also means it is not possible to use a program interactively. I believe there is supposed to be a code size limit in the code playground but I've never hit it. I seem to remember someone posting a comment on this a while back.


Please check your system, I think the problem is from your system


No, you can write as much code as you want!


So why this sololearn app getting cracking sometime?


Ur Well-wisher I do not know. I have never had any problems. You can try to write to those support: [email protected]


Ur Well-wisher As much Sololearn have resources in System.


You can as many code as you want and choose any programming language you want