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Are you teach me coding

Please teach me how make the coding


6/13/2021 6:08:29 AM

Nitin Dubey

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teach you yourself: the name of this app is SOLO-LEARN... however, you can request for help for specific coding problems ^^


hi, to start in what field do you want to work? for exemple: Web programming ... Game development ... Android development ... iOS developer ... Software development ... Neural networks ... Data analysis ... I want to tell you the most suitable language and where is the best place to learn it


get thanks to you! This is great answer! 👏 I'll hang it on my wall


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the best way for you is to read a book about language. The books tell in great detail about the topics, and many books also have practical tasks. You can also take online courses. Start first with SoloLearn of course, reading the book will take you a lot of time, but you will know very well the basics of the language


solo means yourself. hence the name sololearn


Yes, but he dont want solo learn. He want a mentor... Hey, Mentors!!! Where are you? I wouldn't mind having a personal mentor, either.


1. There are not teaches among us because "teach" cannot be a noun, it is only a verb. Noun cannot be verb. 2. What if we are learners, too? It is like 1-grade scholar must teach 3-grader. 3. Let's split the app's name into lexical parts: solo (from Italian "solo" (alone, only, by oneself, solo, unique, etc.) from Latin "sōlus" (alone, solitary), maybe from *swolos from Proto-Italic *swelos from Proto-Indo-European *swé (self)) - (abverb) Alone, without a companion. Learn (from Middle English "lernen" (to learn, to study) from Old English "leornian" (to learn, to acquire knowledge) from Proto-Germanic *liznaną (to learn) from *lizaną (to know, to be familliar with, to understand) from Proto-Indo-European *leys- (to trace, to track)) - to acquire or attempt to acquire knowledge or an ability to do something; to attend a course or other educational activity; to gain knowledge from a bad experience so as to improve; to study; to come to know. So, it means "study alone, without companions".


I don't want to be mentor, but I could be guru: give me your money peoples :D


There many website learn python for free like solo learn. Khan acadamy w3 schools and more