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Front-end VS Wordpress

Hello Ducks. I am wondering why we will learn and take time to understand HTML, CSS and JS while there is Wordpress that we can make websites with it, what is the difference and why using these 3 is better than Wordpress ?

5/13/2021 9:55:56 PM

Agt Reda

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Well. I think it has more to do with knowing the web structure and how it works. Despite we can make websites using wordpress, knowing how to use HTML, CSS and JS allow us to create more dynamic and brand new functions or apps just the way we want, so I don't think we'll always find a wordpress blueprint to make exactly the idea we have on mind. So using and knowing these 3 makes us understand how to implement and create almost any idea we have and optimize them the way we need. I'd consider wordpress or any CMS to do a quick but fine frontend for simple projects such like portfolios or blogs.