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In browser, not app, go to Most Popular PHP in Code Playground....

In the browser (not the app) you can't echo out HTML anymore. They're trying to say it never did but if you've been here longer than 6 months we know it has. Are people not bothered that none of the php works in the browser on this site anymore? There needs to be more of a discussion about this.

5/4/2021 9:07:41 PM

Carl Jones

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I think there might me some server problem. Just try to clear all cache and check it once again. If it persists again then just email to solo learn regarding the issue you are facing at [email protected]


It's not that they can't solve it, its that they tried saying it never worked previously.


Why no need for discussion? I've contacted sololearn and they insist that it never worked before. That's why I want other people who have been here as long as I have to discuss the fact that in the browser, we literally can't use PHP here anymore.


lol but, it did work previously. Ask any user who's in the Most Popular PHP code playground area.


Carl Jones No need for discussion here. If you are getting any problem with Sololearn just contact on [email protected]


Carl Jones What would be on discussion if Sololearn can't solve problem?


Lol it's not a browser cache issue : ) Try it yourself. Go into a browser (not the app), go to any of the Most Popular PHP code in Code Playground and Run them. You'll see what I mean


Carl Jones Whatever just contact to SoloLearn. We cannot do anything because Sololearn is not our application. We can only give solution on programming related questions.


Carl Jones If they have said that it never worked previously then I think discussion is over here..