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How i can practice coding with smart phone?

Please let me know which apps can help me to coding and get to know the result like pc

4/17/2021 7:05:25 PM

Ali boorboor

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For me the best mobile coding platform is SoloLearn itself. To be honest nowadays I'm super lazy to even open and code in my computer so i just use one of these to code - Sololearn(most of the time) or Dcoder (sometime because it's got many different languages support) edit: I would advise you Ali boorboor to try each and every apps available for coding if possible and pick the best one that suits you. happy learning! :)


You can write html, css, and JavaScript code using any text editor and open the pages in your web browser. Note that doing this has some limitations since it will use the file:// protocol not the http:// protocol. In particular this causes sever problems if saved to the external sdcard. It is preferable to save your files to a folder below /mnt/sdcard. The folder /sdcard is often a symlink for this. The external sdcard is sometimes found at /mnt/ext_sdcard. Other alternatives include AIDE Web by appfour, though you may need to purchase the premium key to enable all of the features. AIDE Web can also be used to run JavaScript console applications, though not node.js.