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Game related as a beginner

Can anyone tell me as a beginner from where should I learn making games in C++? (Note-never made games except text game using if else)

4/12/2021 4:00:55 AM

Ajaypal Singh

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Found some discussion about this


Interactive Fiction might be your next step. That can lead into UI development or AI which are both vital to any game no matter how big!


Learn c# or go straight to unity


Just install *Unreal Engine* Unreal engine uses c++ to program the game You can make small games using unreal engine as a beginner and can move to big games like Pubg You don't have to be a expert in c++ to make tik tak toe or flappy bird Hope it helped you Writing it was difficult because it is too long to think and type


Thank you Phil Andy Graves but I checked it..I think it is only related to text games ..I want to learn small games first like tic tac toe, space invaders, mario ..and then I want to go to the big games