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Text based game with simple icons

Can a text game app with simple icons, pictures be made by using any of those programming language which are available in Sololearn? I don't know how to use android studio but if its possible, which language would you recommend me for creating that dort of game?

4/10/2021 2:20:42 PM

Shikaki ira K

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A text based game uses only text characters. If the game does not employ a graphics library then you cannot create graphics. Icons are graphics and require graphics libraries to place them on screen. The code playground does support emojis as it has unicode support... https://code.sololearn.com/ca5a082A17a0


Are you talking about this https://code.sololearn.com/WNwyd22VG3mm/?ref=app


For a simple game you may go for python go for pygame


Yes ofcourse Diamond Garcia you can add them there as a image


Ambica Maharani, probably not but thanks anyway; it may help me in future, as i only want to create some apps now which i can export. 涓光摠銊┶╁痪, thanks to you too and i will consider your advice.


Diamond Garcia, no it is not possible to create text mode games that display icons. Text mode games can only display text whereas icons are graphic images. Depending on the console you are using you may be able to use emojis in a text mode application. This will require the compiler to be instructed to use full UTF character support and the console/terminal window to support them.


Martin Taylor , interesting, And thanks for some extra knowledge you gave


Martin Taylor, so you do mean that it's not possible to create that type of game within sololearn or you really mean that by any means, its not possible? I just wanted to create a text based life sim game which shows icons too. The reason is that one very great game i used to was removed from PlayStore, so i decided to recreate similiar game, nothing much xD


You can use a graphics library for the icons and make everything else text based. If you want icons, tho, you need a graphics lib.


涓光摠銊┶╁痪, is inserting icons possible too?