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Php dont work

I started studying php and write code in a notebook (maybe that's the problem If the problem in the notebook advise me please where to write, I will be very grateful)save the programm in Html format. I open the site but He doesn't read php commands like "echo"

4/8/2021 3:38:34 PM


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VELDY Install server Xampp -windows Lampp- linux Wampp- windows Then save Your project In htdocs or www folder according to operating system and then save file in .php extension to run on browser Localhost/projectname/index.php


Qasem Thank you so much, you really helped me.


You must save your file with .php format.


Qasem Do I need to install a php on the pc?


Use a good IDE for example “visual studio code” or “netbeans” . Also you need a local server , install xammp.