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Hello coders

Is it possible to to write different programming languages together??


3/5/2021 12:35:22 AM

Cindy K Hink

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Carlos Sophia Html works along with JavaScript and PHP


Yes, in many kind of projects you may need to use various programming languages.


i tried html after ive written c++ but i got error result when i run d code




If you mean in the same program without any special tags, then yes, there is the group of three: HTML, javascript, and CSS. If you mean WITH special tags, then I believe you can use certain tags to include PHP in HTML. I hope this helps!



Of course you can. It is executed by multiple compilers. For example: 1) Writing HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS inside a same file or in a same HTML file. 2) Mixing Java with HTML The just require to be written inside the special tags but they work fine. Have a good day :-)


no problem