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<^> Influencer as a skill <^>

You can be an exceptional programmer, but who's going to use your programs? people! Thus, social intelligence matters: a lot! A good programmer should know how to easily sell their ideas, make people buy into new concepts and know the art of positive manipulation... I guess that's why influencer is amongst the skills-set here : and hence, follower-count should not be taken so lightly....

3/22/2017 5:16:50 AM

<^>washika D<^>

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@StarLord: the only point I was trying to bring across is: if you add social intelligence onto your skills, you'll definitely have an edge over most : like Steve Jobs....




So I guess, we should follow the good ones.


It's not recommanded that a person know all things about a work , you must be expert on one stuff programers must not be a manager or seller . just play with code and enjoy it !!



In Poland we say - if something is usefulll for a lot it's usefull for nothing. Be a good programmer and offer a work for some sell manager. Be a good programmer and offer workplace for bussiness manager also. Be a good programmer and offer profit for some investor anyway :) Good programmer doesn't have time for cleaning a cups - he engages a washing man. Did You even see an owner of big comanies? They even not kwon their stuff - they jus sit in theyr office.


Programmer should not sell program. His company's Sales Team should. 😊


White hat social engineering if there is such a thing..


Oh no wonder we have an influencer section!


It's progrnmers appliction. Maybe You need to find some social engineering app, fitness&health app et c. Mac Guyver is a myth...