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Python Console Video

I am trying to play a video in Sololearn Python Playground. Doesn't seem to work although seems like we can hardcode html strings in there. Any ideas to make this work?

2/18/2021 6:40:33 PM

ChillPill 🌶

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Well, after a few more attempts, I still come up short, but with even more progress. After a bit of surfing around the web, I tried to embed a youtube video. While both methods I tried that gave results failed, I did manage to get a page not found error. This, while not exactly “helpful” does lead to some interesting possibilities, which turned out to give me some form of success. Sadly, playing a video still seems to be just out of reach. However, when embedding youtube videos I realized that it was sending me to the sololearn error 404 page not found page. With this information, I realized that I could however embed the sololearn website itself. So, while I failed to get a video, I succeeded in embeding the sololearn site. (if you want to take a look, I have posted my findings in the same code as last time)


Builder212 thanks for trying. It s an improvement for me as well. now i can see controls too.


Well, not exactly a solution, but something interesting. Turns out that .3gp files show the controls(at least for me)


Builder212 lol. outrageously awesome.


Well, here I am again with some more unsuccessful attempts. While failing yet again to actually display video output, I have discovered a way to clone gitub repositories, but sadly it still refuses to display even local videos.


keep em coming ;)


While I haven’t made much of any progress, I have discovered a few things. First off, while you can run apt-get, you cannot install new apt repos. Unless there is a way to get around apt-utils that I am not aware of, you can’t. Second, while cloning repos is possible, it errors out if you try to import too big of a repo. Third, while displaying images is certainly possible, I believe that the output window itself is limited somehow. No matter what type of file you put in there, it autocorrects it in the html to a different directory. Even after changing this, it fails to display the video. Finally, programs that display windows are currently out of the picture in native form. While you can import things like tkinter or the liking, there is no video console to be output too, which quite frankly is expected. Now, using outside resources to display in html could be possible, but embedding sites other than sololearn seems not to work. Any suggestions on libraries/things to try and get working would be appriciated