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Why can't i have more than one tesla card

i duplicated the container div but i only still have one tesla card instead of two, please can someone help me fix it : here is the developer : https://codepen.io/shahidshaikhs/ https://code.sololearn.com/WF9sRIa25Zbx/?ref=app


2/12/2021 11:07:18 AM


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alternatively, you could remove id(s) and previous rules, and only set these css rules: .container:nth-of-type(2) { top:calc(50% + 700px); } .container:nth-of-type(3) { top:calc(50% + 1400px); } ... and so on up to n (the card count)


because your div (with class 'container") is absolute positionned, so the second one is at the same lace than the first...


to view both set 'id="cont'" to one of them and add to css: #cont { top:calc(50% + 700px); }


for each add one unique id, and its own css rule to define its top position (adding n*700px for each rank from 1 to n-1, only one with no id nor rule)


visph that doesn't work now that it is three, can you give me a solution that allows duplicating the code as many times as possible