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Python lesson 16.2

Can anybody help me figure out how to do this lesson. I am completely new to programming and I'm having some trouble.

2/6/2021 3:34:12 AM


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Raul Read the given description carefully. As you mentioned you need (***) on both side of your text. Here, for the text you will be taking as input & on both sides you will be adding (***) & by concatenation. Hope this helps you πŸ‘


have you checked the comments of the lesson before posting in general Q&A Discussions section?


can't solve the practice for 16.2. for some reason when i do the input it puts both the hello from the input line and the one from the print line


so, please provide an accurate description of your problem, or at least the link to the lesson about ^^


I checked the comments as suggested but nothing available to help my issue.


The lesson asks me to add (***) as an input. However I can't seem to get it on both sides of the word "hello". Any help is appreciated.


So, I am also having trouble with this 16.2 beginners python lesson. I understand that we need to have (***) as an input, but I can only get it on one side. (ex. of my incorrect solution to the problem πŸ‘‡) stars=input(β€œ***”) print(stars + β€œhello” + stars) output: ***hellohellohello


you don't have to provide argument to input... you just have to print input result enclosed by triple asterisk: inp = input() print('***'+inp+'***')