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need to understand the execution of the following code.

this might be a dumb question but i would like to know the working/execution sequence of the following program that have constructor and destructor in it. #include <iostream> using namespace std; class Line { public: int getLength( void ); Line( int len ); // simple constructor Line( const Line &obj); // copy constructor ~Line(); // destructor private: int *ptr; }; // Member functions definitions including constructor Line::Line(int len) { cout << "Normal constructor allocating ptr" << endl; // allocate memory for the pointer; ptr = new int; *ptr = len; } Line::Line(const Line &obj) { cout << "Copy constructor allocating ptr." << endl; ptr = new int; *ptr = *obj.ptr; // copy the value } Line::~Line(void) { cout << "Freeing memory!" << endl; delete ptr; } int Line::getLength( void ) { return *ptr; } void display(Line obj) { cout << "Length of line : " << obj.getLength() <<endl; } // Main function for the program int main() { Line line1(10); Line line2 = line1; // This also calls copy constructor display(line1); display(line2); return 0; }

1/19/2021 7:35:19 AM

Gaurav Rawat

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It seems well enough commented to me. However, looking at your profile I can see that you have not started any courses. Perhaps if you undertook the C++ course it would make sense to you.