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Software engineering && c++ devs && algorithms && algorithms

Hello! How are you doing? I wanted to know what ACTUALLY C++ developers and software engineers do what tools they use what they have to learn and where to find that information (if possible give a link). ~~~~~~~~C++~~DEVELOPERS~~~~~~~~ For c++ devs I also want to know about what to learn in that language besides the oop and these "basic stuff" how to get deeper into coding with c++ . What other topics are in c++ and is there a web page with these kind of information? ~~~~~~SOFTWARE_ENGINEERING~~~~~~ For software engineers I wanna know what knowledge you have to know for instance, do you have to know how operating systems work except from java ,c++ and python do you need to have any much further knowledge and if yes what? On what topics? ~~~ALGORITHMS&PROBLEM_SOLVING~~~~ Something else I'm curious about is algorithms and problem solving. How to adopt the problem solving skills and why do we need algorithms? How can they help us and how to use them! If you're reading this have a nice day!!!

1/16/2021 8:08:29 AM


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YourTimeIsComing I think this question is more opinion based so I think this should be in Feed Posts. Actual problem should be here in QA.


YourTimeIsComing Nothing wrong but you are asking for opinion. If you read that post shared by me there is clearly mentioned that openended or general discussion questions should be in Feed Posts. I hope you understand.


I Am AJ ! What's wrong with my question?


I Am AJ ! I am not sure if it's open ended but this seems like a good question and something everyone would like to know about !