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Related to code coach solutions?

Some people have a problem with code coach In user it's showing like this But it's other users it's showing like this When other users open the profile it's showing 24 But when the owner open it's showing 51 Maybe course solutions not counting for other It's a sololearn bug or what Please solve my doubt Thank you so much for reading 🙂

1/14/2021 5:48:03 AM


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Altero (Inactive) as MΛTTEO pointed out that there are 3 types of code coach solutions... the original free 25, 72 pro , and course code coaches ( both free and pro )... Yes some will be displayed while pro subscription code coach solutions will not.


I think it's bcs some of the code coach's are pro, and we don't see they. Or like lessons code coach's. So it's not most probably a bug, Hope this short answer helps you.


I can't do pro code coaches MΛTTEO 😂


$♡f¡ and Altero (Inactive) It shows only code coaches not the total solutions you have solved It does not show lesson solutions to other users but it shows code coaches + lesson solutions to the user who has solved


MΛTTEO I don't think so She is not a pro player


No Bro its not a bug He/she solve solution more than 24 And if we visit her profile we see 24 solution When she visit her own profile its show 24 solution If you have Doubt then visit my Profile and See How much I completed Solution 130 solution


BroFar Dev Shivnandan Mishra Naryani Priya[Left] $♡f¡ Thank you everyone now I got the answer But here is a another question arrived Why sololearn not show all code coach solutions?


Altero (Inactive) but now it is showing 24 in $♡f¡ 's profile!!🤣🤣😂😂!!. Try again.


The other code coach problems are of the lessons or the course's projects. Which are only visible to the user only


In this I'm going to answer both of your two questions I don't think it because of the pro code coaches and it is fast to figure out it not because of the code side it is different from both sides In the 👉📈owner's side of there profile it shows in total of all they have tryed to make of codes or solve of solution and not the ones not solved ones at the same time but in the 📉user's side it show the amount of codes they have made public and the amount of solutions they have solved and not showing all they have tried sololearn does this because they don't know who wants it shown or not but sure, they can just put a botton that make them see it but so May they regret better to keep it like it is So I am basically saying the owner's see more then the user has ,always the owner see all not the user to nstagram to acebook same thing but I say that it's better for them seeing some then all 😊☺ But to one good side here the user's don't have to see the things you are working on ☺


Mahima so sorry to say but if you really need help them post your question In question section not here


I think that all do it no copy paste Altero (Inactive)


Sujan Paudel I know it not a bug sololearn put it there like other app profile are, the owner see all for its there's


Sujan Paudel And it says you complete 72 the amount of ones you have solved just like I said you see in total of all you've tried


Make your own question Mahima



When you watch your profile, practice and projects in the courses count, too. When you watch someone else's profile, only Code Coach solutions count.


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