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Try it yourself bug

Im on PC (Chrome). Why does the "Try it yourself" button leave me only with a popup to buy PRO? I don't remember that it's only a PRO feature. Update: All browsers and even the app doesn't let me use the "Try It Yourself" button.

1/10/2021 8:04:57 PM

Kristian Stefurak

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ita not a PRO feature try it with other browser !


It is not a pro-feature. Did you encounter this only in Chrome or also in app and other browsers?


I'll try another browser but i just learned it does the same thing in app


I tried it in app but there wasn't a problem for me 🤔


Same for me. I am not using sololearn for about a month because the web version is full of bug now. It says to upgrade to pro in both app and chrome when I click "Tap to try it yourself". People adviced to upgrade the app, but it never worked. Looks like sololearn is forcing us to use their app and subscribe to pro plan