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Java List Errors

Can someone decode this? i really don't know what is my error it seems okay to me, thank you!

1/2/2021 1:16:45 PM

Lia Costa ✨

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[ Why am seeing(visible) only 1 answer but it showing 13 answers..? It is solved? ] I found your program have Invalid charecters (see it showed as ex: \u00005 after compiling), remove all those white space charecter.. (it happens if you copy from any Web sourse..).. You may see it clearly if you open it in Web version by color variations.. Next one is you wrote main method declaration as wrong, used capital M in main. Use main instead of Main. public static void main(String []args) { Hope it helps..!


Well if it seems okay then there is no problem right? What this program do BTW? it's hard to read cause you wrote without indentation.