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How can I get "Moderator" or "Gold Moderator" badges?

3/16/2017 4:33:36 PM

Giorgi R.

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Moderator badge will be achieved for being one of the most active members. So contribute, help the community. SoloLearn will choose moderators monthly and contact them by email (check the email account which is related to your profile). You will achieve Gold Moderator badge if you are chosen as a moderator for 6 month in a row.


OK, thanks


It is announced as an opportunity to edit, move, hide, or remove content, at Moderator's discretion.


Very beautiful letters ^^ I couldn't understand everything luka wrote, because translate messed it up, but thx for adding the reporting stuff. BufferOverflowException at myBrain -.-


@Leon lit I don't think that this would take an effect. It takes some time e.g. for the spam posts to be deleted. So I think it needs many reports to take an effect. And even creating many accounts (what will be noticed, because of missing xp and using the profiles only to report) will just help until the moderator's tools are available.


Thx! ტაში I like it ^^ I'll learn to write it 😊


one question, what happens if someone just report every post he found in the Q&A........==




what kind of ' tool ' is that?


Giorgi R. why aren't you active now on SL?


moderator means what


B.Naresh kumar Moderators are special member of SoloLearn, Who moderate the community by deleting inappropriate contents, spams etc. 🔵 🔵


Be Active Be Responsible Be Helpful Be Kind Be Respectful, Also Answer Questions, After You Are Known For That Try To Get A Higher Rank Mod To Notice You, DO NOT BEG TO BE MOD