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Why can't sqlite3 be used in creating large databases

12/4/2020 11:34:39 AM


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ÊskåyπŸ”₯πŸ”₯ When used with the maximum page size of 65536 this gives a maximum SQLite database size of about 281 terabytes. The max_page_count PRAGMA can be used to raise or lower this limit at run-time. it can make some small database till the limit but you are in the need of creating large databases ig... I will recommend you to use varchar.. maximum size of a VARCHAR in SQLite.. You can declare a VARCHAR 10 and SQLite will be happy to store a 500million character string there. And it will keep all 500million characters intact. Hope helps


Maximum sqlite3 database size is 281 terabytes that is also big size You know all lite version is smaller in size & giving smaller performance than real version


Somehow I don't see me reaching the 281 Terabyte limit imposed by SQLite. Though it depends on what you call a big database.


281TB should be enough for most individuals. If your application one day becomes as big and successful as facebook, you can change the database.


Maybe because it is the lite version of sql and that's why it doesn't use for large databases.


Zatch bell That's what programming hero told me😹😹😹


Såñtösh are u kidding me or I just heard 281tb what do u even need that forπŸ™„πŸ™„


I think 281 terabytes is enough for mini project but that depends on what you called a large database though