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[solved] About Chrome

Today when i am using Chrome in my pc It automatically closes whenever I tried to search anything but then i load 2 to 3 tabs and then after searching its showing result in yahoo search engine I checked the settings and settings are showing google search engine but i am getting results in yahoo what happened to my pc?

11/11/2020 10:12:59 AM


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𓂀ΛUSGΞFUΗRΓ solutions available in Google...you can find from there Restart your PC.... Close other tabs, extensions, and apps. ... Restart Chrome. ... Restart your computer. ... Check for malware. ... Open the page in another browser. ... Fix network issues and report website problems. ... Fix problem apps (Windows computers only) ... Check to see if Chrome is already open.


𓂀ΛUSGΞFUΗRΓ I haven't faced this type of problem😅,so i don't know more about


Meow I have done all still its facing issues 2 issues : 1) Chrome closes suddenly if i try to search something 2) Google search engine is not available if i searched


Meow Ok I will try something 👍 Thanks for your respond 😀


Meow Problem solved but i need to reset my chrome hopefully i can login again and data is saved


Are you using Norton antivirus? My friend discovered that if you enable the norton browser thing for chrome, it defaults to the yahoo search engine (which is completely dumb, because duckduckgo is much more secure). I sounds as though you fixed it though.