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How did you learn the microprocessor 8085?

What are the resources did you use to learn microprocessor subject? I am a computer science student. Please help me.

10/22/2020 4:19:13 AM

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Assuming you have proper knowledge about Computer Organization and Computer Architecture subjects. You may find the following books a good source to learn Microprocessors and Microcontrollers MICROPROCESSOR architecture, programming and Application with 8085 - R.Gaonkar (Penram international Publishing LTD.) The 8051 microcontroller and Embedded systems - Mazidi, Mazidi and McKinley (PEARSON) These two books are easy to understand and the concepts are clearly given. Hope this helps!


The Intel 8085 is a fossil. It was introduced in the1970s and ceased production decades ago. You would need to do some computer archaeology to dig up anything on that. If you wish to learn about microprocessors just visit any microprocessor manufacturers's website and read the datasheets.


I doubt this will be helpful, but since you asked... I learned from two books and by practicing on an Imsai 8080 (8085 model): "8080 8085 Software Design, Book 1" by Christopher Titus, Peter R. Rony, David G. Larson, and Jonathan Titus, published by Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc., 1978, ISBN 0-672-21541-1 "8080A/8085 Assembly Language Programming" by Lance A. Leventhal, published by OSBORNE/McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1978, ISBN 0-931988-10-1 The books are mostly about programming, but had some information about architecture.



@Mr.White.{DeViL}! The 8085 uses a conventional von Neumann architecture while the 8051 uses a Harvard architecture. The 8085 is a microprocessor while the 8051 is a microcontroller. They aren't the same thing.