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how can i add img

10/10/2020 5:18:53 AM

Yousef Ali

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You've already mentioned everything you need in tags. <img src="image URL" alt="alternative text if image fails to load"/>


Very simple and easy way... <img src="image URL" alt= "alternative text" /> Here, "image URL" is the location of the image you want to place in your web page. "alternative text" is any text you can write about the image. It is not mandatory but it is good to use as it shows if the browser fails to load the image. It also helps the search engine.


<img src=" copy and paste the image address here" alt=" it is not Mandatory, if the img fails to show the text u type here will be shown">


Google search for an image. Switch to images tab. Choose an image you like. Long-press it (or right-click if you're using a PC) and choose "open image in a new tab". Then copy image URL from the URL box (usually at the top of browser window) For example, this is a URL of HTML5 logo copied using this method: If your image is locally stored you should upload it to an image-hosting website such as


You have to upload your image to an online server. To do this you can, Upload your image to dropbox( If you have one ) Or you can upload to imgbb, imgbb does not require any registration or pricing. After uploading there youll have to copy full html link. Then everything as usual


l do not know how can i make image URL




It shows you in the lesson. Read through the comments there. For more valuable info.


thank you