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running time out.

#include<stdio.h> # include<conio.h> int main() { int h,m,s; double i; printf("Provide time in hh:mm:ss: format"); scanf("%d,%d,%d",&h,&m,&s); start: { for(h=1;h<25;h++) { for(m=1;m<61;m++) { for(s=1;s<61;s++) { clrscr(); printf("\n\n\t%d:%d:%d",h,m,s); } if (h<=12) { printf("AM\n"); } else { printf("PM\n"); } { for(i=0;i<369999;i++) i++; i--; } s=0; } m=0; } h=0; goto start; return 0; }

10/5/2020 10:07:53 AM

kiran Tamang

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Sololearns compiler stops at a certain period of output. It is because you have a lot of loops. Sololearn stops it so that the device of the person who is running this will not get jammed.


It is probably because you have many nesteda loops. You can look for a better way to write your code.


Thanks for your advice sir @Martin Taylor